New Outreach for Alzheimer’s/Dementia Patients

My mother/Lydia’s grandmother is afflicted with the disease Dementia which takes away a person’s memories. It’s a form of Alzheimer’s Disease. For some Dementia/Alzheimer’s patients cuddling a life size baby doll provides comfort. We gave Grandma a Berenguer, Lots to Cuddle, baby doll which she carries everywhere. The doll has been a tremendous blessing. With our sewing we are customizing baby onesies into one of a kind dresses for the doll. Grandma takes great pride that her baby is well dressed.

Dresses for the Lots to Cuddle Doll

Dresses for the Lots to Cuddle Doll

Grandma happily cuddling her Lots to Cuddle baby doll.

Grandma happily cuddling her Lots to Cuddle baby doll.

Visit to Mercy

We had the privilege of visiting UPMC Mercy Hospital Trauma Burn Unit yesterday with a delivery of pillowcases we’d made. Lydia got to visit with a few of the pediatric patients and let them choose a pillowcase from what we had brought. We got to see what fabrics are most popular with the children.

It’s been a year since Lydia’s friend was a patient there. Lydia’s friend is doing well. Since even visiting a trauma burn unit can be very difficult, it’s good to know there can be healing and recovery.


Mercy 2013 March 1

Mercy 2013 March 4

Out Reach

We’ve contributed a few pillowcases to some other causes we wanted to share with you.

We know a dog named Lolly who is undergoing chemotherapy to battle lymphoma. Lolly is a certified therapy and emotional support dog. These two pillowcases will be in an auction to help with the costs of Lolly’s medical treatments.

Lolly 3

Here’s one pillowcase that is going in a basket that will be raffled off to raise money for brain cancer.

Cars for a Raffle Basket